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Fixing elements

Your various wear plates and sheet metal parts are mounted with fixing elements. Whether you need generic screws and bolts or more specific parts, LANDA offers you a wide selection of quality fixing elements compatible with your machines at competitive prices and delivered as quickly as possible.

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LANDA’s range of Fixing elements can be mounted on your harvesting machinery (Forage Harvesters, Combine Harvesters, Balers, Mower-Conditioners and more) so you can assemble the parts available in our range and many others.

Our Sales Engineers are here to guide you in choosing among a wide selection of 100% LANDA Alternative parts sold at competitive prices, designed and built in collaboration with French companies specialising in metal work, industrial platework, machining, post-treatments, etc.

You will also find parts from the world’s leading manufacturers at competitive prices as well as OEM parts.

For emergencies, we can deliver in France in under 24 hrs. to assist you when you need it most.