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Forage Harvester Head

Cutting Parts

Your rotary header’s cutting parts are the first components to come in contact with the crop. They determine your forage harvester’s intake performance. High performance knives deliver a clean cut to stalks, which means increased work output and chopping quality. These components run close to the ground and may be subjected to impacts or damage from foreign objects. Therefore, it is important to routinely inspect these parts and replace them when needed. To make sure you get reliable parts that boost your machine’s performance, LANDA offers you a wide selection of wear parts for Rotary Header Cutting Parts, fully adapted to your machine at competitive prices.

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LANDA parts are compatible with over 95% of the Forage Harvester Headers models on the farm machinery market, regardless of their generation. For example:


  • 300 Series 330, 345, 360, 375
  • 300Plus Series 345Plus, 360Plus, 375Plus, 390Plus
  • 400 Series 460, 475
  • 400Plus Series 460Plus, 475Plus, 490Plus


  • RU Series 450, 600
  • ORBIS Series 450, 600, 600SD, 750, 900


    • 6000, 7500, 9000
    • 603, 753, 903, 1053
    • 450-2, 600-2, 750-2
    • 600-3, 750-3, 900,3

And many other brands and models …


Ordering with LANDA means you can choose from more than a 1.000.000 parts in stock, available all year long at our three logistics centres in France. You’ll perform your maintenance operations with total peace of mind thanks to quality parts that help you control your farm machinery costs.