Why is maintenance a key operation?

When operating your farm machinery, its components are subjected to friction and mechanical wear that damage them, potentially causing malfunctions or breakage. What’s more, internal fluid circulation of fuel, cooling liquid, air flow and/or oil for example can lead to the build-up of impurities which must be captured to prevent contaminating the rest of the circuit. Maintenance operations include troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments, revisions and inspections concerning your machine parts. Therefore, routine Maintenance on your farm machinery is vital to ensure a long service life.

It is best to carry out your Routine Maintenance operations during the off season, when you can take the time to access internal parts without losing precious time in the field. Certain parts require replacements at set intervals. In agriculture, this is usually defined by a number of hours the machine has operated. Other parts require replacement following a visual inspection.

If your machine had a problem during the season, it will need Corrective Maintenance. You’ll need to replace the part quickly because your machine is immobilised. You can prevent this by performing thorough Routine Maintenance beforehand.



What are the types of parts in question?


Filters are devices that remove impurities from a liquid or gas passed through it. There is a wide range of filter technologies that differ according the nature of the substance that flows through it, its placement, the brand, etc. It should be replaced before it is fully clogged, which prevents it from functioning.




These components transmit movement to power different machine parts.

Because of their continual movement, they wear quickly and can break. Therefore, we advise you to inspect them regularly during routine Maintenance.




Bearings consist of a ring with a raceway, rolling elements (balls, rollers, needles, etc.) and a cage to hold the components together. It is a device to permit fixed direction motion between two parts, typically rotational, with the least amount of friction possible. If you notice any play between parts, they should be replaced to avoid breakage.




These components permit the assembly of different machine parts. They should be inspected regularly to prevent breakage resulting in unintentional disassembly.



Who are the leading manufacturers of Wear Parts?

There are many brands on the market for wear parts, and some of them are industry-specific specialists.